4 Types of Balinese Weaving Songket

Bali Weaving Songket


Weaving Songket is one Indonesian traditional woven fabric. In Bali, Balinese Weaving Songkets are used for a variety of important ceremonies in the life cycle of Balinese people, such as tooth-filling ceremonies, weddings, cremations, and religious ceremonies as well as in the event there. Other than, Bali Weaving Songket can also be wonderful souvenir tourist who come to Bali. The community of famous Balinese Weaving Songket In Bali is in Sidemen Village,Karangasem Regency. In general Bali weaving songket is distinguished from the type of thread composing motive. These are the types of Bali Weaving Songket that can make you amazed ! Lets see!

1. Songket Bali Golden Yarn

balinese, bali,culture, art, souvenir,songket,,golden,yarn

As the name implies, Songket Bali Golden Yarn is practically using only gold thread only in its design and of course, because of the expensive yarn, the price of the Golden Songket Bali is usually expensive especially when the Songket is designed with a very tight and dense motif.  The denser the density of the motive.

2Songket Bali Silver Yarn

balinese, bali,culture, art, souvenir,songket,,silver,yarn

Balinese Songket Silver Yarn has silver yarn raw material. Although its existence has been acknowledged since time immemorial, but I think at this time Songket Bali silver thread has a higher level of popularity compared to Bali songket gold thread. Of course this is my personal opinion. This is seen from the more types of Balinese Songket is circulating in the market. Everywhere people use silver threads.

3. Songket Bali Cotton Yarn

balinese, bali,culture, art, souvenir,songket,

Excess of Songket Bali Cotton Yarn, is definitely has a very beautiful color that is not owned by Balinese songket type of gold or silver thread. The design also looks much more captivating and more creative. In addition, if used also not as heavy and rigid songket cloth that uses gold or silver thread. So it is preferred for events with lower levels of inactivity.

4. Songket Bali Mixed Yarn

balinese, bali,culture, art, souvenir,songket,,mixed,yarn

This type is very trendy at the moment and is well liked. Balinese Songket mixed yarn using a combination of yarn types. Cotton Yarn – Gold, or Cotton-Silver thread, or Gold-Silver thread. This combination certainly provides an alternative and support for the development of new motifs and designs issued by the traditional songket cloth designers. The combination not only produces good quality Balinese songkets in a more affordable price, but also gives innovation and trend preferred by the younger generation.



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