Joger Bali – Place Where You Can Find Unique Souvenirs


Vacation in Bali is not enough if you do not visit Joger Bali. Just like a holiday to Singapore, if you have not visited Orchard road, holidays in Singapore is not complete. Bali Joger is known among tourists as a place to buy souvenirs typical of the island of Bali. Especially souvenir shirt with unique words typical Joger.

History of Joger

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Joger name taken from the owner’s own name is the father of Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi combined with the name of his best friend Mr. Gerard. This friend is very meritorious in pioneering the factory business said this word. In 1981 Joseph was given a wedding gift by Gerard for US $ 20,000 as capital of his business. Initially Joger opened at the address of Jalan Sulawesi no 37 Denpasar. But since July 7, 1987 Joger shop moved to its place now in the address of Jalan Raya Kuta.

When entering the Joger outlet door, every visitor will be greeted with friendly and will be attached stickers as a sign of entry. There is a special room displaying a collection of T-shirts, special room souvenirs such as mugs, sandals, key chains and clocks upside down. Bali Joger is the only place in Indonesia that sells reverse clocks and is the hallmark of Bali Joger. There is also a room in the corner that offers souvenirs of jars and other trinkets.



Joger is located in Kuta highway area. To be sure, the address of Joger Kuta is on Jalan Raya Kuta near supermarket Supernova. Joger location is very strategic, and adjacent to Kuta beach tourist attraction Bali. If you depart from Kuta beach, it will travel about 20 minutes with a distance of approximately 1.3 kilometers. Parking area provided is not wide enough, so there is often congestion when the store is crowded visitors, especially during school holidays.

Time and Price

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The price of Javanese Joger shirts varies, with the quality of the ingredients taking precedence. T-shirts cost from Rp 100.000 – Rp 250.000. Joger shirt prices, subject to change at any time. Joger opening hours from 10:00 – 20:00 (Bali time).


Almost every day this place is crowded by tourists and foreign tourists. Events during school holidays, Idul Fitri, Christmas, or just before the new year. The place is very strategic with unique-unique products, this store is never empty of visitors. Likewise the visitors often out of stock the size of Joger T-shirts. Should not be in the holiday season or holiday, so will be free to choose Balinese joger clothes, not run out of size and not long queue at the cashier.

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bali joge, joger , joger bali , bali , bali joger , joger kuta , kuta joger , souvenirs shop



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