One Stop Holiday Shopping in Kuta

b2Bali Brasco features a fashion department filled with global products for men, women and kids, as well as a full-fledged spa and a dining outlet on Sunset Road in Kuta. Bali has no shortage of shops housing famous fashion brands, but only few offer one-stop experiences for visitors under a single roof, offering more than just shopping like Bali Brasco.  Bali Brasco comprises a large block on Kuta’s western end of Sunset Road that is easy to spot, and offers an escape from the busy streets and the souvenir shops and art markets. Since its launch in late 2011, Bali Brasco has steadily gained popularity due to the cut-price items and convenience it offers.
On our first visit to Bali Brasco we weren’t sure what to expect, as the imposing building did not seem like a department store from the outside, nor did it look like one of those factory sale outlets that dot the same strip. Only its street side banners hinted there was more to it than just shopping, with bright yellow print stating ‘Cafe & Coffee’, ‘Reflexology’, and ‘Mango Spa’, against a blue backdrop. Up from Bali Brasco’s spacious parking lot and after a flight of stairs, a lobby with sofas adjacent to a small coffee shop welcomes you. Small, simple, and a great stop for a quick snack, the coffee shop has a glass display that houses various sliced portions of hearty delights. Cosy sofas around tables provide a resting spot for those who want a brief time out from the spree that takes place at the adjacent store.

Inside the spacious Bali Brasco store, souvenir-clothing items such as Bali prints on T-shirts and apparel in various shapes and sizes fill the racks and hanger rows. Although famous designer labels, the likes of Chanel, Calvin Klein, Polo, Armani, Levi’s, Nike, Guess and Burberry adorn the displays, and which are mostly top quality pieces bearing genuine tags, there are also knock-off items – a sight that is rife throughout stores in Indonesia and most of Southeast Asia. An escalator fitted in the centre takes you up to the second level where you will find children’s hats, shirts and footwear.

There’s also a specified corner displaying items made of traditional fabrics from Bali and other regions in Indonesia, such as fine batiks, double ikat weaves, and silken shawls. Sift through the high stacks of textiles in their pre-cut lengths and rolls, in quest of the unique colours and patterns. You’ll also come across heaps of tabletop curios such as miniature antique bicycles typical of Yogyakarta, and traditional wayang puppets and statuettes at attractive prices. There’s always a classic Indonesian gift in store to bring back home. As bonus, Bali Brasco has regular promotions that entitle you a free spa session at Mango Spa for purchases above a certain amount.


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