The Center’s Market Souvenirs in Bali

Untitled-1-skwtSukawati Art Market, referred to locally as “Pasar Seni Sukawati” is Bali’s most distinguished and long-standing art market. From Ngurah Rai International airport spend time around 1 hour without traffic jam. It is where visitors can seek and purchase distinctively Balinese art items such as paintings and sculpted wooden figures, curios, handicraft and traditional handmade products.  The art market’s main building is often packed with shopping holiday makers and locals sourcing household and daily necessities. It is an alternative, inexpensive and complete shopping destination conveniently situated along most tour itineraries to the central and northern regions of the island.

Untitled-2-skwtItems that visitors encounter at Sukawati Art Market range from framed paintings, figurines, traditional woven textiles, traditional kites, handmade bags, women accessories, shirts, sarongs, to Balinese ceremonial items and daily local household items – all at reasonable ‘bargain’ prices. Aromatic and aromatherapy items such as sandalwood oil-infused fans, incense sticks and colourful jelly candles can be found at the back areas of the art market.

Good to know about Sukawati Art Market; a rule of thumb on bargaining is to start at half the offered price, which is possibly the actual production cost of the item it self. On your first visit, better spend some time browsing through the whole market premises for similar items of interest and compare to get the general idea of the prices.

Untitled-3-skwtThis art market is normally included on tour itineraries to Bali’s central region, usually after watching the Barong and Kris dance performances in the village of Batubulan, which is located approximately 4km southwest from Sukawati. The village of Sukawati forms up the four main shopping itineraries that Gianyar is best known for the other three are Celuk village, Mas village and Ubud village.

  • Opening Hours : 08:00 – 19:00
  • Location : Jalan Raya Sukawati, Gianyar
  • How to get there : Sukawati Art Market is located along the Jalan Raya Sukawati main road 20 km northeast of Denpasar; 4 km north from Batubulan’s performing art centres, and 10 km south of Ubud.



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