Take a Look to The Famous Wood Carving Village in Bali

Bali has a craft carving which is can’t be underestimated, so many craft carving that developed well, moreover with the factor of human needs that become higher, one of the interest is the wood carving. Almost every village and area in Bali has their own craft carving. Nevertheless the one that become an icon of craft carving is Gianyar Regency, also well known as high quality craft carving.

The use of building ornaments such as complement ornament for houses or temples with craft carving are evolve really well, more creative, and innovative. The use of this kind of ornaments never cracked by the times transition that are always changing. One of village that famous with its wood carving is Mas Village, this place became tourism object which attract tourist at most and become alternative destination while have a journey through Kintamani route.

Mas Village located at Ubud District, Gianyar Regency and located about 20km from Denpasar. This wood carving is look obviously lining the road at many art shops on the right and left side of the street in Gianyar area. The typical of the maestro’s creation in this village are naturalism and humanism characteristic. The artistic blood since kingdom era when Prince Mas was govern here might be flown to the villagers nowadays so most people in Mas Village work as wood craftsmen. Those famous maestro that was born in this village are Ida Bagus Nyana, Ida Bagus Tilem, and I Nyoman Togog.

The material that used for wood carving is come from woods that grows well in this island, but there are some woods that come from outside Bali. The result has been spreads out over international markets, also exported to some countries in Europe, so Mas Village is become more famous as wood carving village. The prices are various depend on basic material and artistic values. For souvenirs it offered with cheap prices and very expensive prices.

Mas Village is indeed a centre of craftsmen and craft seller in Bali. There are so many art shop here. You can also find the craftsmen and watch directly how to make the wood carving.


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